My Yard

My Yard

Friday, November 4, 2011


I have finally completed all of the learning 2.0 activities! So what did I think of everything? I think the program was good for making me look differently at programs that I was either already familiar with or had a vague idea about. I now see many different internet tools as more then just interesting gadgets for me to try out. I now see them as potential tools for a library, I now look at things as to how they could benefit a library. This should be a good way to think when I enter the exciting world of work. My favorite activity was this blog. I think that blogging is the most important activity in the list and that it is a good thing that we get the most practice with it of any of the activities. Some of the others are rather limited in there application but in the blog we were capable of describing all of the other activities.

By the way as a good bye present to everyone; go google the words "do a barrel roll". Enjoy. 


  1. Dorian, CONGRATULATIONS on being the first person to complete the Learning 2.0 Things assignment!

    It's clear from your blog that you have a passion for the career path you've chosen as an information professional. Try to keep this level of enjoyment and engagement in learning throughout your career.

    And thanks for the tip about the barrel roll. : )

  2. I loved the barrel roll!

    And I definitely agree with you about these activities. I have begun to look at these tools as a way to improve a library, not just a fun thing for me to play with when I am bored. And I also agree with blogging being the most important tool...its a great way to keep in contact and inform people about the "goings on" in a library!