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My Yard

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Expoloring Lulu

      I looked through some of the pages in the web 2.0 activity today and have decided to talk about Lulu. Lulu is a site for people who are not only interested in reading books but also publishing their own. It has sections for buying books (which has relatively low prices) and a section to help writers to get there books ready for publication. I think the site is well organized and pretty easy to use. I enjoyed the layout and loved the old time illustrations that were in the graphics of the page. The site also had a feature that allowed you to make a very professional looking portfolio. It also offered a cost calculator for the portfolio. If you know any artists you know that we don't have a lot of money so it is good to know how may couch cushions and vending machine we are going to have to violate to get the money to pay for something. The price was low for a colour printing. The services to help auther's publish were also very nice. They had packages available to help with many different parts of publication including marketing and distribution.
     I was happy to find this resource and may use it to print up my portfolio in the future. I also thought some of the more kitschy things on the site might be good for making presents for my more sentimental relatives over the holidays.

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