My Yard

My Yard

Thursday, October 6, 2011

RSS Feeds

Today I set up a Google Reader in order to compile some of my favorite webpages along with some new library science related pages into an RSS feed. I think of the activities that we have done so far this was by far the most useful. I did not have an RSS feed set up before this point and although I did know what they were I had not seen how useful they could be until doing this activity. I compiled about 13 pages the topics of which where books, movies, video games (I don't really understand why most libraries don't have these), technology, comic books, news and of course library science. I decided to include sights that would give me information on the latest in entertainment so that I can keep up on what people and there for library users are interested in. I also added reddit so that I can stay up on what is happening on the internet in general. The most useful discovery tool for finding fees was the Real-Time Search. I think this was more because of the design of its webpage then its functionality for me. I liked its minimalist look and it seemed less intimidating then the others text heavy pages. For the most part though I just went to my personal favorite pages and found them that way. This would not have been a good strategy for someone new to the web as they would not have any favorites to check out.

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